Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (PrDOOH): How to get started

Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (PrDOOH): How to get started

Programmatic advertising on the internet empowers marketers to efficiently reach their target audiences, reducing unnecessary expenses by utilising advanced targeting, precision, and bidding strategies.

On the other hand, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising involves strategically placed, conspicuous advertising screens, offering vast creative possibilities. Today's technology enables advertisers to merge the power of programmatic precision with DOOH's attention-grabbing formats. The challenge is to know how to combine the unique features of both.

To help marketers achieve Programmatic DOOH (PrDOOH) results, BackLite's team has made it easier by explaining the key elements of an excellent brief, selecting the right technology and data partners, and perfecting targeting, creative optimisation, and measurement.

Navigating the technology and data landscape

Once you've identified prDOOH as a potential channel, you must familiarise yourself with the technology and data landscape. If you're new to programmatic, you'll also need to get to grips with the basics of the buying process:

1. The media owner makes impressions available to buy through their chosen supply-side platform (SSP)

2. Media buyers create deals in their chosen demand-side platform (DSP) based on targeting requirements and budget

3. SSPs serve ad opportunities to DSPs, including information about the location and audience

4. DSPs identify when there is a match between the ad opportunity presented by an SSP and the advertiser's targeting criteria and send a bid amount back to the SSP

5. The creative associated with the winning bid is then shown

When selecting a DSP, there are two options: a specialist DSP built specifically for prDOOH or an omnichannel DSP that offers the ability to buy across multiple channels in a single user interface. Selecting a DSP will depend on your campaign goals and existing technology and data stack. If you need help choosing a DSP, media agencies, media owners, and consultants are well-placed to advise you, as each will have experience working with most of the leading players.

Why Programmatic DOOH Should be in Your Media Mix

Adding Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) to your media mix has two benefits. First, it increases the impact of your digital advertising by extending your reach to the physical world. Second, Programmatic DOOH lets you deliver personalised and contextually relevant advertising experiences.

Programmatic Digital Out-of-home advertising presents a game-changing opportunity for marketers. Combining traditional out-of-home strengths with programmatic technology enables precise targeting, real-time optimisation, and seamless integration with data insights. By including programmatic DOOH in your media mix, you can unlock new levels of engagement, impact, and efficiency for your advertising campaigns.

We at BackLite Media offer programmatic DOOH inventory of more than 300+ screens at key locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including popular roads, destinations, and malls. Our digital media are strategically positioned in high-traffic areas and attract both global tourists and residents. To further enhance the effectiveness of our DOOH inventory, we use data from Seventh Decimal and Admobilize. To learn more about Programmatic DOOH or to get started on a project, reach out at

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Head of Programmatic
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