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Desirable byLocation
Bring your brand’s creative vision in the best light, with exceptionally designed sites in landmark locations like Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road.
Desirable byCare
Quality matters. We deliver it with personalized service, clever strategic thinking and meticulous attention to detail.
Desirable byAssociation
They say you’re known by the company you keep. And this rings true for brands, as well as people.
Desirable byInsights
Advanced data collection technology gathered from over 10 million mobiles in the UAE ensures creating campaigns that are seen by the right people.
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Andrea Osburn
Marketing Manager
On Thursday, 6 January, BackLite was a proud sponsor of the CEO Masters Golf Tournament, where we added a spin […]
Andrea Osburn
Marketing Manager
In 2015, the world’s leaders came to an agreement to work towards 17 sustainable development goals that have the power […]
James Harrison
Chief Commercial Officer
Our goal is to drive digital innovation in the UAE. Through the development of architectural and aesthetically superior locations. With […]
Andrea Osburn
Marketing Manager
Gulf for Good recently graced our digital billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road to celebrate their 20th birthday. In 20 years, […]
Andrea Osburn
Marketing Manager
Coming Soon: The Dubai Jawhara is a one-off, unique, and iconic display, reflecting the elegance of the surrounding area. Positioned on […]
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