DOOH Advertising: The Ultimate Solution for Brands in a Cookieless Future

DOOH Advertising: The Ultimate Solution for Brands in a Cookieless Future

The age of third-party cookies is coming to an end soon, and it promises a significant change in advertising patterns. As a non-interruptive media that blends naturally into the urban landscape, DOOH is now more valued among brands and advertisers.

It’s been over a year since Google revealed its intentions to eliminate third-party cookies to meet demands for enhanced user privacy and evolving regulatory restrictions. The announcement caused a dilemma among the advertising community, leaving brands and agencies searching for answers to important questions about alternative ways to deliver ads in a relevant and timely manner. With web browsers and apps alike increasingly blocking cookies, ad spend is being relocated to the DOOH sector quicker than we expected, as marketers look to DOOH now as a more respected medium to engage with consumers in more meaningful and conversational ways.

DOOH is well positioned to thrive in the cookiless era:
In a time where consumer privacy concerns are at an all-time high, DOOH has always offered an effective and seamless way for brands to reach their target audiences. DOOH has become an integral part of the advertising landscape thanks to its ability to blend seamlessly into the urban landscape while delivering relevant, engaging, and memorable messages to consumers. The medium is becoming increasingly popular with advertisers, as it offers a high degree of flexibility in communication, allowing brands to deliver targeted and contextually relevant messages to consumers in real time.

DOOH relies on anonymised location data:

DOOH relies on anonymized location data to comprehend aggregated consumer movement patterns, aiding advertisers in determining the optimal strategies to reach their audiences effectively, including where, when, and how. However, it is anticipated that the implementation of ATT and similar privacy measures will diminish the scale of location data available, necessitating adjustments in targeting and measurement practices for DOOH advertisers.

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The ability of digital out-of-home media to focus on consumer engagement without using personal data and information is now more valued and recognised by brands and marketers than ever before.

It’s time that your brands’ digital ads hit the road! Ensure growing customer engagements even in a cookieless age with DOOH.

James Bicknell
Chief Executive Officer
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