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Global brands often seek iconic and premium locations around the city to display their out-of-home campaigns. Iconic locations, coupled with the design of the display, are associated with prestige, exclusivity, and high visibility, making them highly desirable for luxury and global brands looking to make a bold statement and reach elite audiences. The Triple Crown, part of The Landmark Series, is an excellent example of how the combination of prominent location, design and association offers a prime opportunity for brands to capture the attention of diverse and affluent audiences.

The Triple Crown is situated in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, known for its prominent landmarks, bustling traffic, and high vehicular traffic. It offers unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with audiences. It features six huge unmissable digital displays that have changed the media landscape on Sheikh Zayed Road, creating a captivating visual experience for audiences and providing advertisers with an unprecedented platform to showcase their brands.

What sets The Triple Crown apart is its ability to offer real-time audience feedback and the flexibility to change creative content to reflect specific moments in time. BackLite Intelligence ensures that advertisers can deliver dynamic, relevant, and engaging content that resonates with their target audience, making the DOOH medium more accountable than ever. With exclusive advertising loops, The Triple Crown delivers an uninterrupted, detailed, and immersive message to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact. Campaigns on The Triple Crown benefit from a whopping 189 million impressions a month, providing an ideal platform for brands to stand out in the competitive advertising landscape.

The Triple Crown Impressions

Our goal is to drive digital innovation in the UAE, and The Triple Crown is a testament to our commitment to delivering architectural and aesthetically superior locations for our clients. With independent, credible data as the foundation of our medium, we strive to provide the best possible experience for both advertisers and audiences alike.

It’s time to rethink DOOH with the iconic digital out-of-home network that offers unmatched opportunities for global and iconic brands to make their mark on Sheikh Zayed Road. Join us in creating conversations, making lasting impressions, and driving digital innovation with The Triple Crown by BackLite Media.

Karen Barboza
Senior Marketing Executive
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