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Using BackLite Intelligence, our data analytics platform, we have now collected data for a full calendar year, 12 months full of incident, 12 months full of change.

Change in our everyday behaviours, our routines and our society. Life is still far from normal, but life goes on; every country, every city has acted and responded in different ways.

In Dubai, when the initial lockdown came into effect in April 2020, we saw that immediately reflected in our impression data on Sheikh Zayed Road. From that point on, we were glued to the data, checking the weekly statistics and daily updates, focused on when people would be returning to the roads and malls, each day was tracked and reported.

The Summer months past and people returned to their offices, restaurants and schools; we started to get used to “The New Normal”, we weren’t as focused on those daily updates; we were just happy to be back in the office and back on the move. The end of the year proved to be buoyant, and we started to see signs of the world slowly recovering, but we all know there’s still some way to go.

The last 12 months have highlighted the importance of data, an area we have invested heavily in. We will continue to do so as we push towards the more dynamic future of Out of Home in the UAE, as we launch our first Digital Icon on Sheikh Zayed Road. The first screen available to be bought programmatically on Sheikh Zayed Road in the UAE, delivering over 500,000 impressions per day, with an estimated reach of 22% of Dubai.

James Harrison
Chief Commercial Officer
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