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Over 25 years we have established a well-justified reputation for the elegant and unique design of our sites, and we are known for only installing them in the most prestigious locations. Our designs have stood the test of time creating unmissable opportunities to reach millions of people every day. But the time has come for digital transformation, marked by the launch of The Triple Crown. 

The count down to the unveiling of The Triple Crown ended at 6pm, Friday 1st October, as the curtain dropped on these 6 magnificent screens, with a display area of over 700sqm and 3.5 million pixels.

These unique displays offer a slot length of 24 seconds, delivering an uninterrupted, detailed, and immersive message. 

These huge, innovative, and unique screens will change the media landscape on Sheikh Zayed Road. It’s time to rethink digital out of home.

When asked to comment, James Bicknell CEO of BackLite Media said, “These screens are best in class and we are honoured to launch with such exclusive clients, Vacheron Constantin, Tiffany & Co. and Saudi Tourism Authority”.

Friday 1st October 2021 saw the much-anticipated launch of the Triple Crown

Andrea Osburn
Marketing Manager
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