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We recently spoke to Ashin John, our Digital Operations Manager, to learn more about impressive tech innovations in out-of-home media and what BackLite is doing to use these technological innovations to our advantage.

Tech Innovations in Out-of-Home Media by Ashin John

Enhancements in digital display technology:

Higher resolution: Narrow pixel pitch LED displays refer to displays with a small distance between the individual LED lamps, resulting in higher resolution and more detailed content. Higher density of LEDs per square meter results in a wider colour gamut that helps to create more vivid and dynamic content.

Greater contrast: Improvements in technology have led to improvements in contrast ratio, resulting in deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Better viewing angles: With the continuous development of LED technology with SMD, viewing angles have greatly improved, and content remains visible when viewed from different positions.

Increased energy efficiency: Power consumption of large format LED displays has reduced over the years and will continue to reduce with technological advancements. Integrating light sensors with the display system helps adjust the display’s brightness for optimum viewability based on the ambient light levels, which helps manage or reduce power consumption.

Dynamic Content Capabilities:

Advertisers can use BackLite’s dynamic content solutions to create engaging and interactive campaigns that more effectively capture the audience’s attention. Advertisers can use dayparting in campaigns to target specific audiences by displaying different content at different times of the day.

Content management platforms allow easy integration of real-time data in digital content, which we can publish across multiple screens and locations. Networks process and analyse real-time data based on different parameters, which can promote actions such as changes in content and schedule. Some examples of dynamic content campaigns produced and executed by BackLite Media include:

  • Weather and news updates
  • Social media feeds
  • Sports scores and news
  • Countdown to events and TV shows

Audience Measurement: Audience measurement platforms are tools used to measure impressions and engagement in OOH advertising campaigns. These platforms provide detailed information about audience demographics, attention time and engagement patterns.

With the advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer vision technologies collect data based on detections of the number of people exposed to Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. Advertisers can use this data to deliver highly targeted campaigns based on the audience’s demographic.

Geolocation platforms use data from mobile signals to track the location and movement of people to generate insights about the audience.

Automation allows content management platforms to ingest audiences to generate campaign performance reports.

Some technological challenges that face the industry and how BackLite is overcoming these challenges:

Security: DOOH displays are vulnerable to hacking and other cyber-attacks. BackLite takes security measures to protect the networks and system, which include:

  • Multiple authentication layers and limit access to authorised personnel
  • Periodic update of software (operating system, content management system and 3rd party applications)
  • Firewall to control incoming and outgoing network traffic
  • Regular monitoring of logs and network traffic

Integration with 3rd party systems: Content management systems must be integrated with other technologies, such as audience measurement tools, programmatic platforms, and real-time data sources. BackLite performs integration testing in a controlled setup before deployment to the production/live environment.

Data privacy: DOOH systems collect data from people exposed to advertising or interacting with the displays. BackLite partners with solution providers who comply with data privacy regulations to ensure data is collected and stored securely.

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