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At BackLite, reducing our carbon footprint is of great importance to us. We understand the value of community and the impact that businesses can have on the environment and society. We strive to create sustainable and responsible advertising solutions that not only benefit our clients but also positively contribute to the communities in which our sites are located. We prioritise environmentally friendly practices and actively work to reduce our carbon footprint. We also actively support and partner with local organisations and initiatives that align with our values of sustainability in the OOH industry.

BackLite26 Sustainability Initiative. Sustainability in the Out-ofHome (OOH) industry.

While we can’t address and fix every issue overnight, we have made it our mission to be completely carbon-neutral by 2026, our 30th anniversary. We have begun taking small but significant steps towards this goal, offsetting our carbon emissions for 2021 & 2022 (securing our Carbon Neutrality certificate and Verra-issued certificate), removing all single-use plastic from the office, and continuing the recycling of our vinyl posters. To assist in the process, in 2022, we began working with Olive Gaea to recognise further decarbonisation opportunities.

Olive Gaea is a company pioneering carbon neutrality in the MENA region. With over two decades of experience across multiple industries and the social sector, their founders have shaped their passion for scalable impacts that align with their values and contribute to a sustainable future.

At BackLite, we recognise that companies must take responsibility and work towards sustainability in the OOH industry. We continue to take the initiative to make small but influential changes to reduce our carbon footprint and strive towards a greener future. Through partnerships and conscious decision-making, we are making progress towards our 2026 goal. Our responsibility is to continue prioritising sustainability, and we hope to inspire others in the industry to do the same. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for all.

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