OOH has unique ability to deliver high-impact visuals

OOH has unique ability to deliver high-impact visuals

At the WOO Global Congress in Hong Kong, Jas Cai, Media Director and Chief Expert at Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) Marketing Procurement, presented a compelling case for the strategic use of Out-of-Home (OOH) media in enhancing consumer mindset. Her insights underscored how targeted, innovative, and premium OOH media placements can significantly influence consumer perceptions and drive brand engagement.

The role of OOH media in consumer engagement

OOH media is a powerful tool for capturing consumer attention in diverse environments. Jas emphasised that OOH media's broad reach and high visibility make it an ideal platform for brands looking to enhance their presence and resonate with their target audience. For Huawei, this has meant leveraging OOH media to create a premium brand image that aligns with their cutting-edge technology and high-quality products.

Strategic investment in premium OOH media

Huawei has strategically invested in premium advertising spaces that target high-income consumers who appreciate fashionable and premium experiences. These investments are crucial in ensuring Huawei's ads are placed in high-traffic, high-visibility areas such as metro stations and airports, where they can capture the attention of their desired audience. This approach not only maximises visibility but also reinforces Huawei's brand message of quality and innovation.

Three key strategies for enhancing consumer mindset with OOH media:

1. Targeting at scale: Jas highlighted the importance of launching campaigns that create a spectacular and impactful presence. This strategy involves spotlighting product benefits and capturing consumer attention through dominant, high-visibility placements. For instance, Huawei's global launch campaigns, such as the introduction of wearable props and new robotic devices, utilised premium OOH media to achieve 100% share of voice in key markets. These campaigns significantly boosted sales and improved brand perception.

2. Consistent, high-value brand messaging: Delivering consistent and high-value brand messages in strategic settings is essential for triggering purchase intentions and enhancing consumer understanding of product functions. Huawei's campaigns often integrate visually consistent and continuous messages across various OOH platforms. For example, the Chinese New Year campaign featured illustrations of products across metro and bus media, maximising impressions and improving key brand perception indicators related to premium and fashionable attributes.

3. Innovations with connectivity: Jas stressed the need for innovative approaches that break traditional boundaries and foster interactive consumer experiences. By leveraging social platforms and integrating them with OOH media, Huawei creates holistic and engaging campaigns. A notable example is the collaboration with Xiaohongshu, a popular social platform in China, which generated significant engagement, particularly among young female consumers. This campaign integrated interactive elements with OOH media placements, boosting brand prominence and consumer interaction.

Building a premium brand through OOH media

OOH media's unique ability to deliver high-impact visuals in public spaces makes it an ideal tool for building a premium brand image. Huawei's strategic use of OOH media, especially in high-income and high-traffic areas, ensures that the brand message is seen by the right audience. This not only enhances brand awareness but also reinforces the brand's association with quality, innovation, and fashion.

Jas's presentation at the WOO Global Congress highlighted the critical role of OOH media in enhancing the consumer's mindset. Through strategic investment in premium OOH placements, consistent and engaging communication, and innovative connectivity approaches, Huawei has successfully leveraged OOH media to shape consumer perceptions and drive brand engagement. As OOH media continues to evolve, its potential to influence consumer mindset and build strong, premium brands remains unparalleled. By focusing on high-impact, strategic placements and integrating innovative approaches, brands like Huawei can continue to enhance their presence and resonate deeply with their target audiences.

Jas Cai
Huawei Consumer Business Group
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