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The rapid growth of out-of-home (OOH) advertising continues apace and the future is increasingly digital. Here are some trends that we see coming to the industry.

Identification Technology

Digital OOH displays are becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective at targeting specific members of the public. This allows the tailoring of messages and the ability to identify an individual based on their gender or their vehicle. Recognition technology is the key and it will play a huge role in the future of outdoor advertising. We are even beginning to see recognition technology that can identify emotions!

Inventory Magnitude

With the rapid expansion of the industry in full flow and with the constant lowering of costs for LCD and LED technologies, outdoor advertising systems are falling in price but increasing in demand. This makes for a pretty formidable combination and new outdoor screens are popping up every day. More screens = more opportunities.

The Environment

Infrastructure is another key component. Being able to blend into the environment in a way that is not overbearing is key to producing successful advertising. As digital OOH becomes more prolific, advertisers have to provide content that is of use to the reader. Brand messages, in particular, have to be relevant to those viewing the screen and, for the astute company, a wealth of opportunities exist. All you have to do is get the content spot on. Not as easy as it sounds unfortunately!

Everything is better in HD

Creating immersive messages really grab the attention of your audience and with the technology available this is becoming easier than ever. Looking towards the future, images will become ever more sophisticated, with facial and gesture recognition adding new dimensions of interactivity to digital OOH.

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