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In recent years, programmatic advertising has become more popular amongst brands, and it continues to grow. The digitisation of OOH networks adds flexibility to the buying process. It can now be bought online programmatically, meaning ads can be changed, amended – or switched off – in real time. Creatives can be replaced automatically to respond to the external environment, maximising the effectiveness of any placement.

With PrDOOH, you plan and buy your campaigns in a similar way to that of online, by impressions. But how can this be done effectively? Where do you start? Data is critical to the process. With BackLite Intelligence, we aggregate data from multiple sources and then analyse it with custom algorithms. This analysis generates insights into traffic flows, audience demographics, buying behaviours, and dwell times. The result? Audience profiles ensure your messages and ideas are seen by the right people, not just passersby. BackLite Intelligence powers “The MediaXchange”, our programmatic platform. The MediaXchange delivers one of the biggest advantages of the OOH medium: the ability to run hugely impactful ads on premium digital sites with relevance and flexibility.

Sean Gadsby - Programmatic Advertising


By automating our transactional process and making our inventory available online, the speed at which a campaign can be launched has gone from weeks to days to hours. 


Because campaigns are activated through a trading desk, it means they can be changed, tweaked, adjusted, or modified very quickly. 


A critical piece of the PrDOOH puzzle is the ability to target your audience more precisely.

 Dynamic Scheduling 

Programmatic streamlines and simplifies the process of using dynamic creative for OOH.

An audience-first approach now enables the integration of online and OOH marketing messages, increasing visibility, reach and brand awareness. For whatever conditions you want to set, programmatic can help you accomplish your goals. As soon as the time is right, you’ll be able to automatically deliver the right message to the right screen to reach your audience.

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