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BackLite has partnered with Neurons Inc., a neuromarketing research company specialising in using neuroscience and behavioural science to understand consumer behaviour and decision-making processes. Neuromarketing research uses EEG and other techniques to measure brain activity in response to marketing stimuli. Their suite of neuroscience tools is called Predict, a cloud-based attention prediction AI. 

Predict AI is built on consumer neuroscience data measuring: 

+120K reactions of high-quality eye-tracking technology

+100B data points of eye movements and brain responses

A demonstration of with Neurons Inc. neuromarketing research in action

Coupled with data from 120K reactions to high-quality eye-tracking technology and over 100 billion data points of eye movements and brain responses, Predict AI has become remarkably accurate — reaching 95% accuracy for its models. Visual heat maps, fade maps, and benchmarks can all be conveniently accessed from Predict. Because of this, BackLite is better equipped to effectively target, empathise and influentially forecast attention on our platforms. 

This solution estimates a campaign’s creative performance through various image processing functionalities, producing a heatmap (static or video). The tool is based on a deep machine-learning model. It is designed to help advertisers understand whether their OOH creative will likely attract the right audience’s attention in the right places. BackLite can provide saliency heatmap reports to its advertisers before the campaign to identify elements such as call-to-action and branding for improvement to increase message memorability, recognition, and effectiveness. 

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