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Photographer Mihir Ashar took the perfect shot on the day that The Museum on the Future celebrated the Hope Probe entering the orbit of Mars, little did he know that McDonald’s were about to share the spotlight when he unwittingly captured our Unipole on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Photo courtesy of Mihir Ashar (@capturedblinks)

The comments flowed in, from, “why is the first thing I noticed the McDonald’s poster 😂😂” to, “One thing is certain about the future: McDonald’s will always be there in your face”. Eventually, McDonald’s had to respond, they commented, “Even though we’re not the star of the show, we still seem to be catching the spotlight just a bit, thank you Museum of The Future for the cameo☺️.”

If nothing else, it shows the real power of Out of Home advertising.

Andrea Osburn
Marketing Manager
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