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Cinema advertising has come a long way since its inception. Cinema offers marketers a unique platform and allows the development of big creative ideas that wouldn’t work on any other platform. Cinema attendance is currently seeing a resurgence, so how can marketers capitalise on this captive audience?

When planning a cinema advertising campaign it is important to remember why consumers go to the cinema; it’s a night out and more of an experience than watching the same movie at home. The important thing is to integrate cinema into your planning right from the outset as this will give you time to plan a campaign that can utilize the cinema environment to the full.

Thinking outside of the normal, cinemas are a great place for experiential activity. Foyer spaces offer a great place for marketers to set up experiential campaigns. Experiential activity is about getting consumers engaged with your brand and with the advent of smartphones there are new and exciting opportunities to tap into this communication method.

Cinema advertising doesn’t have to be a standalone campaign. It’s crucial these days to ensure that all activity is integrated and gives the consumer a seamless brand journey.  The best campaigns are those that use cinema as a platform for wider integrated activity.

The most important element of cinema advertising is to think big – and that is the beauty of cinema. You have the space to create an event, something that no other platform can support, and you can integrate the event into other marketing activities.

A successful cinema advertising campaign can have a huge and lasting impact on an audience and no idea is too big to play out in a cinema environment.

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