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Even as the oldest medium, outdoor advertising will never be outdated. It remains one of the most powerful forms of advertising used by companies worldwide – both large and small – to promote their brand and generate media coverage. Successful outdoor campaigns not only accomplish what regular signage does but will also make your brand the topic of discussion. It’s a power worth investing in.

Gaining the attention of the majority of the population is a difficult task for many out-of-home (OOH) ads and the brands behind them. To succeed in today’s oversaturated markets, brands must create innovative and impactful ad campaigns. Branded by BackLite promises to take brand visibility to the next level by offering brands the opportunity to showcase their creative concepts on Dubai’s most iconic and busiest road, Sheikh Zayed Road. Using unique avenues, brands can create bespoke billboards that stand out.

One of the critical advantages of out-of-home media is the limitless creative options it offers. Brands can choose from various options, including dynamic cut-outs, special builds, and neon lighting effects, to make their outdoor campaign stand out. With the help of BackLite’s team of experts, brands can bring their ideas to life and create eye-catching billboards that capture the attention of their target audience.

Branded by BackLite has already garnered interest from leading brands across various industries over the years, including luxury perfumes, restaurants, FMCG, and automotive, to name a few. With the ability to create bespoke billboards and outdoor campaigns that capture the attention of their audience and the benefits of OOH advertising, Branded by BackLite is poised to be a game-changer in the outdoor advertising industry in Dubai.

Say hello to a whole new level of creativity and impact!

McDonald's Branded by BackLite outdoor campaigns on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

McDonald’s is among the initial clients of the recently launched “Branded by BackLite” initiative, which enables the brand to dominate the media landscape along the famous Sheikh Zayed Road with a captivating Ramadan campaign. The fast-food chain took over a BackLite unipole to showcase its messaging with a unique illuminating effect on the McDonald’s logo during nighttime.

McDonald's Branded by BackLite outdoor campaigns on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
Karen Barboza
Senior Marketing Executive
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