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We embrace technology and data-driven insights to target audiences with ever-growing precision. We push the boundaries, exploring and adopting new techniques so our clients can make the most of our sites.

Data-Driven Out of Home

You now have the freedom to select the locations, days and times where you want to launch your campaigns.

With BackLite Intelligence we aggregate data from multiple sources then analyse with custom algorithms, generating insights around traffic flows, audience demographics, buying behaviours, and dwell times. The result? Being able to plan and buy via The BackLite MediaXchange using audience profiles that ensure your messages and ideas are seen by the right people not just passersby.

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BackLite Intelligence Data Sources:

Audience Demographics

IQ data analyses mobile handset data, creating customized polygons for each location ensuring only devices that have an opportunity to see the ad are captured. Offering audience demographic and insight across our entire collection


Impression Count

AdMobilze & Quividi are the global standard in “anonymous intelligence.” Powered by the most advanced and complete real-time AI platforms. Enabling us to measure people and vehicles 100% Anonymous with unmatched Accuracy in real time.

Data Observed:

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Audience Demographic
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Impression Count
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Dwell Time
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Attention Time
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Flexible advertising for changing times.

Digitisations has made this high reach medium more accessible than ever before. Out of Home advertisements can now be bought online, programmatically, meaning billboard ads can be changed, amended – or switched off – in real time. Creatives can be replaced automatically to respond to the external environment, maximizing the effectiveness of any ad placement.


All campaign planning will be carried out via The BackLite MediaXchange and valued based on a CPM.

Audience analysis is also available so you can speak to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

The Benefits

• Speed: By automating our transactional process and making our inventory available online, the speed in which a campaign can be launched has gone from weeks to days to hours.

• Agility: Because campaigns are activated through a trading desk it means they can be changed, tweaked, adjusted, modified very quickly.

• Targeting: A critical piece of the programmatic DOOH puzzle is the ability to more precisely target your audience.

• Dynamic Scheduling: Programmatic streamlines and simplifies the process for using dynamic creative for OOH.

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Will my data be protected?

The information collected by BackLite Intelligence is GPDR compliant. The data collected is aggregated via SDK, and this only collects location signals which is installed across thousands of apps. No personal information (e.g. email or mobile number etc) is passed to BackLite Intelligence or its partners. Permissions for data usage are given by the smartphone owners when they accept the terms of the specific apps that they download. In most of these cases the apps cannot function unless the users enable location services when using the apps – for instance, Uber cannot deliver its service to a customer unless they know their location.

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