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Welcome back! Finally, Dubai has eased regulations and the city is open for business, the roads are busy and communities are bustling again. it’s time to get back to work and re-engage with your audience.

During this recovery period, there is no better time to start understanding more about your audience. We have updates on how Covid-19 affected traffic in the city and how it has bounced back. We also have exciting news on an audience insight partnership with our cinema division.

Recently, BackLite Media’s CEO, Bill Fordyce, shared his thoughts on the effects of Covid-19 on the OOH media market and how advertisers, clients and media owners were having to adapt and what the long­term effects were going to be. To read Bill’s article in Campaign Middle East, click here.

One thing he touched on was the recovery of the OOH audience, something that, with the launch of BackLite Intelligence in February 2020, we have been able track your daily audience figures on Sheikh Zayed Road. This is done using highly accurate mobile location data and carefully selected geofences.

We have used this data to track the effect of Covid-19, and we can see that the population movement of Dubai fell by 90% as the government imposed the lockdown and local communities began to observe social distancing.

We are now seeing the green shoots of recovery. Traffic volume immediately tripled after the lockdown restrictions were lifted on the 24th April. Traffic counts are now at 60% of the baseline set back in February. This is still a long way off the pre-Covid-19 counts, but they are trending in the right direction. Your audiences will gradually recover across the coming months as social restrictions are eased, most likely in stages to avoid a second spike of infections.


BackLite Media and AdMobilize are working with BackLite’s cinema network, incorporating Novo cinemas in the UAE and Bahrain as well as Roxy Cinemas in the UAE – with over 135 screens in 15 cinemas -helping cinema advertisers gather greater insights into their audience that reach far beyond ticket sales, and in real time.

Through BackLite Intelligence – a newly developed department unique to BackLite Media – our clients will be able to access real-time data through their own custom dashboard. The data includes viewership of each location by time of day and night, as well as transparent audience insights including key shopping behaviour and detailed demographic information.

Advertisers will now have the flexibility to book campaigns by number of views that can be targeted by both audience demographics and geography. In order to stay ahead of the game, BackLite will provide an abundance of high-quality data which will be fast and easy to access, as well as an expert analytic perspective on how to best utilise it. This comes at a great time with cinemas reopening and a new slate announced for the rest of 2020.

Bill Fordyce, CEO of Backlite Media, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with AdMobilize to provide advertisers with audience analytics and meaningful data. In recent years we have seen the cinema­advertising sector stand out as a dynamic and innovative platform in today’s media market. With cinema offering that elusive proposition for some advertisers, a captive audience, we’re looking forward to the added value these insights will bring. The next step for cinema advertising will rely heavily on the insights advertisers can draw from its audiences – and their ability to refine their targeting and re-targeting campaigns”.

AdMobilize’s CEO and Founder, Rodolfo Saccoman, said: “We’re extremely proud of this partnership with one of the world’s most innovative OOH companies. Backllite has been able to solve a real problem for advertisers by providing this layer of transparency and efficiency for brands within the space. This is a real game-changer for cinema advertising, powered by creativity and technology as its core offerings”.

With these solutions in place, advertisers can expect to see validated audience performance reporting with their campaigns as Cinemas begin reopening throughout this summer.

For more information on either of these articles please email: info@backlitemedia.com

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