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Through the development of architectural and aesthetically superior locations. With the foundation of independent credible data, our medium is now more accountable than ever. We will strive to deliver dynamic, relevant and engaging content to enable our clients to stand-out.

The continual development and digitization of Sheikh Zayed Road prevails with the installation of our most recent Digital Icon BL108, located between the World Trade Centre and Interchange #1. This single-sided digital unipole targets traffic travelling south and is positioned close to the exit to Downtown Dubai, City Walk and Dubai Mall.

As a stand-alone location, this screen achieves close to 10 million impressions and reaches 25% of the Dubai population across a 30-day campaign period, but how do these numbers change when we combine it with another screen on Sheikh Zayed Road, our first Digital Icon BL308?

Until recently, we couldn’t accurately evaluate the impact of multiple locations; however, we have an exciting new development for our BackLite Intelligence platform. We now have the inclusion of Streach data by 7th Decimal, a dynamic impression-based measurement system for Static, and now Digital OOH. With this update, we can now offer advertisers the ability to measure campaign exposure aggregated across multiple booked locations. So, we decided to put it to the test and investigated the impact of combining our digital assets, looking at the unique uplift in reach when combining Digital Icon BL108 with Digital Icon BL308.

The first of our Digital Icons is BL308. This double-sided digital unipole is located close to the Mall of the Emirates, 10km further south, and accounts for nearly 16 million impressions and 29% reach. With both screens running together, your reach increases to 36% of Dubai and over 25 million impressions.

James Harrison, CCO of BackLite Media, said: “We have always embraced technology and data-driven insights to target audiences with ever-growing precision. Continuously looking for greater transparency and flexibility, pushing the limitations of data in this market, and adopting new techniques so our clients can make the most of our networks. This update will shift the way we view and measure Digital Out of Home in the UAE.”

James Harrison
Chief Commercial Officer
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