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The first Digital Icon on Sheikh Zayed Road is almost six months old and has delivered over 100m impressions. The Digital Icon, BL308, is ideally located between interchanges 2 and 3 close to Downtown Dubai, Dubai Mall, and the Mall of the Emirates.

Chafik Tahri, the Director of Operations of BackLite Media, commented that “Over the past 18 months, we been working closely with our partners at Dubai Roads and Transport Authority with a shared ambition to develop one of the world’s leading digital networks”.

“BackLite Media has been operating premium outdoor signs in Dubai for the past two decades, so there is no question about the quality.” Mr Tahri also added, “We worked with one of the leading LED manufacturers in the world, Daktronics. This collaboration allowed us to develop a custom-made LED product specifically designed to handle the harsh weather and lighting conditions in the UAE. Not to mention the advanced software solution to monitor and control the quality 24/7.”

“We chose to work with Arup, a renowned design company, to carry out our new product design development alongside qualified manufacturers to guarantee our finest quality standard through all the project stages”.

Our new Digital Icons provide advertisers with an ideal platform to target the millions of consumers accessible on Sheikh Zayed Road each week. In addition, our digital portfolio is linked to BackLite Intelligence, offering advanced audience analytics allowing clients more comprehensive targeting abilities and insight.

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