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Billboards always have, and always will be, an extremely effective form of outdoor advertising – but you need to select a great location to get the best return on your media investment. Here are a few golden rules to consider.

1 – Visibility

First and foremost, the visibility of the billboard should be the top priority in your decision making. If a prospective location has limited visibility then the impact of your message will be severely compromised. Points to consider are:

  • Ensure the billboard is front-facing

People aren’t going to go out of their way to take note of your artwork, it has to be visible and readable so make sure it’s front-facing and plainly obvious to oncoming traffic.

  • Make sure the billboard is within the line of sight

Choosing a billboard situated on the roof of a building will only attract the birds! Ensure the billboard ‘face’ is within the line of sight for maximum exposure.

  • Choose an area with no visible interference

Make sure there are no traffic signs, tree branches or other obstacles obscuring the view of the sign.

2 – Traffic count

Sheikh Zayed Road is still the best location for unipole and lamppost sign, but this must be considered along with following points:

3 – Audience demographics

Understanding your audience is a fundamental part of marketing. Not everyone is an ideal customer for your business, so it’s critical that you deliver the right message to the right people.

4 – Proximity to residential or commercial areas

Major brands as well as small companies can use the power of local billboards to raise brand awareness and drive purchase intent from consumers who daily routine (going to work, shopping) take them along the same roads.

5 – Consider intent

Are the consumers on your planned road those you actually intend to reach…and are those people being reached at a point of decision? If there is a billboard location on a major road that leads towards a shopping mall or other retail/leisure destination, this could be a great opportunity to reach oncoming traffic.

6 – Rush hour traffic

Selecting a billboard that is in a prime location can lead impressive results, as both drivers and passengers will notice and be influenced by your message.


Billboards are an excellent way to reach a mass audience in a short period of time, but just like any other form of marketing, it’s critical that you carry out the initial planning to decide on the right billboard for you – and following the above guidelines will help you reach your campaign objectives.

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