What is BackLite Intelligence?

The launch of BackLite Intelligence marks the MENA region’s first out-of-home (OOH) advertising measurement project to utilize ‘big data’ at a local scale. BackLite Intelligence has partnered with IQ Data to leverage over 1.2 billion mobile phone location signals per month, generated within the UAE, and mapped them across our entire outdoor network in order to bring our clients new levels of audience measurement and transparency. As the premier OOH media company in the UAE, we are committed to improving accountability and addressing long held concerns on audience measurement when considering OOH as part of their wider media plans. The solutions provided by BackLite Intelligence enables our clients to gather deeper insights that provide increased clarity for sales and marketing strategies and hard data for business decision-making.

What does BackLite Intelligence do for me?

When you book an outdoor campaign with BackLite Media, you will be given a unique, and confidential, user name and password for you to log-in to your own dashboard that will provide a comprehensive suite of data relating to your campaign. The data includes viewership of each location by time of day and night. BackLite Intelligence also provides audience insights, including key shopping behavior and detailed demographic information. You will also receive a comprehensive post-campaign report.

What about Data Privacy?

The information collected by BackLite Intelligence is GPDR compliant. The data collected is aggregated via SDK, and this only collects location signals which is installed across thousands of apps. No personal information (e.g. email or mobile number etc) is passed to BackLite Intelligence or its partners. Permissions for data usage are given by the smartphone owners when they accept the terms of the specific apps that they download. In most of these cases the apps cannot function unless the users enable location services when using the apps – for instance, Uber cannot deliver its service to a customer unless they know their location.

Client Log-In

If you have booked a current outdoor campaign with BackLite Media, click here to go to your dedicated dashboard.