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Out-of-Home now offers more data-driven insights than ever before. The latest upgrade to our BackLite Intelligence platform demonstrates this. Streach data by Seventh Decimal allows us to have a dynamic impression-based measuring solution.

The Triple Crown serves as evidence of how we successfully help brands reach their target audiences. With many people away for the summer, July is usually a quieter time for OOH. However, our recent data from Seventh Decimal for the Triple Crown shows otherwise. Over July 2022, the Triple Crown on Sheikh Zayed Road had nearly 110 million impressions in just one month.

Access to this vital data means that brands can learn about audience demographics, behaviour, and how many individuals saw the ads. This data allows brands to enhance content distribution for specific audiences and make it more appropriate and effective. Digital out-of-home advertising has a considerably greater chance of reaching both extensive and highly targeted audiences, making it a very effective tool for building brand recognition. We keep up with how the world evolves daily and the rapid digital revolution, which always results in more audience reach.

Nour Walid
Marketing Intern
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