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Designing a billboard is visual storytelling.  An effective billboard grabs the viewer’s attention and creates a memorable, lasting impression, so keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Simple Layout – Less is more!  The most effective messages are always the most simple.  Your billboard should be a clear and brief expression of one idea.
  2. Short Copy– Short, simple words allow quick and easy comprehension.  Limit or eliminate punctuation and reduce text to the essence of your message. Maximum of 7 words – or less!
  3. Viewing Time– Does your message communicate effectively within 5-10 seconds?  Remember, your target audience is travelling rapidly past your billboard.
  4. Large fonts and text – Your goal is for people to read your message from as far away as possible.  Be sure the fonts are large enough and the type is clear and easy to read.  Sans Serif fonts work best.  Adequate spacing between letters, words and lines improves visibility.  Drop shadows can help readability.
  5. Contrasting Colours– High colour contrast is the key to good readability.  Colours that work best:  black and bold, primary colours like red, yellow and blue.  Black text on yellow rates the highest in readability.  Colours to avoid:  brown, earth tones, pastels.
  6. Single Image– Use one large full colour image to attract the viewer’s eye. Make the image of your product as large as possible
  7. Simple Background– Use a simple background that doesn’t interfere with the image, copy or logo.  Too much empty, white space should be avoided – make your fonts, image and logo bigger.
  8. Call to Action– Is the call to action clearly visible? Is the necessary information to respond also clearly visible?
  9. Balanced Logo – Keep a balance between the image and the logo size.  The logo should be about 1/8 of the board size.


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