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In 2015, the world’s leaders came to an agreement to work towards 17 sustainable development goals that have the power to change the world for the better by 2030. These goals aim to fight inequality and address the issues of climate change.

Arts Help (an award-winning non-profit organisation that uses art as a vehicle for social change) connected with BackLite Media to support the World’s To-Do List. The important message was displayed on our digital billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road. The messages have also been shared by Expo2020; the World Expo currently hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The campaign’s objective is to generate passion. It aims to inspire governments, corporations, and individuals to assist in reaching the ambitious goals by the United Nation’s 2030 target date for eliminating the world’s most pressing concerns.

How One Can Help:

  • Raise awareness of the Global Goals’ purpose so that more individuals may get involved.
  • Join a group or organisation that is dedicated to achieving the UN’s objectives
  • Reduce waste and lessen your carbon footprint by reducing, reusing, and recycling
  • Purchase locally produced products that are manufactured using fair labour and environmentally friendly methods
  • Speak up against prejudice, bias, exclusion, discrimination, and inequality

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Andrea Osburn
Marketing Manager
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