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Two weeks have passed since we sat together at Pier 60 in New York, listening to some great panels and speakers in a packed schedule and a packed venue. From the Meta Verse with adidas to understanding Programmatic Out of Home with Adomni. The message was clear; the future is dynamic, flexible, and digital.

The icing on the cake for our trip to the US was collecting the award for Most Creative Campaign for the adidas “I’m Possible” where adidas took over The Triple Crown with its “I’m Possible” user-generated content (UGC) campaign.

Through social media, adidas invited women to share photos of what sports means to them, along with their stories of turning the impossible into possible every day.

Every post shared, irrespective of the sport, was turned into billboards across the city in real-time, with the centrepiece being The Triple Crown on Sheikh Zayed Road. The billboards, in return, became countless pieces of social content, starting conversations about making sports more inclusive.

For a campaign activated in only one city, it was seen and talked about in over 25 countries, obtaining a reach of over 250 million.

Having collected DOOH-E, it was time to head back to Dubai and celebrate.

James Harrison
Chief Commercial Officer
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