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Billboard Advertising Dubai

Designing the most effective billboard artwork is not a straightforward matter of converting a double page magazine advertisement to fit the sign space – there are some key guidelines that have to be carefully considered.


The Golden Rule of Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Seven words or less!


Good vs. Bad Design

Successful outdoor design will catch the eye of drivers and be readable at roadway speeds. While the options are limitless for creative designs, effective outdoor design can be degraded by clutter, lack of contrast, small font size, and the wrong font style


Too Cluttered

The best messages in outdoor are always simple and precise. Apply restraint to the design with a single focused image and seven words or less to achieve the best results


Poor Contrast

Even though individual colors can be bright, the combinations of colours can result in low contrast. The use of too many colors weakens the focus of the message by producing conflicting emotional responses


Too Small to Read

With only three to five seconds to grab a driver’s attention, it is vital for outdoor lettering to be large enough to be read from a distance. Drivers who cannot read a billboard are unlikely to look again.


Unreadable Fonts

Ornate or elaborate font styles become a frustration because they take too long to read – if they can be read at all!

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