Bringing Digital Advertising To The Real World

BackLite Cinema has partnered with the world’s leading audience intelligence firm to get measurable data into cinema advertising. We have created excellent buying routes that gives advertisers the flexibility to book campaigns by number of views that can be targeted by both audience demographic and geography. The solutions provided by BackLite improves accountability and addresses long held concerns on audience measurement when considering cinema advertising in media plans.

Campaign Report

When you book a cinema campaign with BackLite Media, you will be given a post campaign report that will include data on the total number of views delivered with audience demographics (age, gender and cinema location). You will also have access to a dashboard where you will have an option to view the performance of your campaign.

Data Privacy

BackLite Cinema utilizes comprehensive hardware solutions and audience intelligence technologies to collect data from the physical world in real time and at the same time delivers complete confidence to our clients by utilizing the industry’s only fully anonymous solution. The information collected is GPDR compliant.

Client Log-In

If you have booked a current campaign with BackLite Cinema click here to go to your dedicated dashboard.