About OOH Advertising

Out Of Home (OOH) advertising allows you to enjoy extended engagement with your target audience that cannot be matched by tv, radio, newspapers or magazines. Consumers are spending more time out of their homes while they go to work, shop or socialise and are less exposed to traditional, fragmented media. Outdoor advertising offers the best solution to reach your busy customers while they are on the move.

OOH advertising is ideal for generating instant awareness and elevating the perception and credibility of your brand and outdoor’s strong carry-over effects ensure that brand awareness levels strengthen over time.


Unlike TV, radio, print or the internet, outdoor media cannot be turned off, turned over, fast-forwarded, thrown away or put down as they drive or walk past a strategically placed sign. Outdoor is possibly the last place where consumers do not control the ad space.It’s Successful

  • Worldwide, the growth of outdoor media expenditure is growing faster than any other traditional media.

It’s Unavoidable

  • Everyone who leaves the house is exposed to out-of-home advertising
  • It’s just there. . . and it’s free.

It’s Consumer Friendly

  • It sits easily with what consumers are doing when they’re out and about
  • Outdoor is engaging and impactful, whilst other media can be unwarranted and unwanted.

It’s Growing

  • People are out and about more, especially the younger more affluent groups
  • More people are seeing outdoor advertisements.

It’s Adaptable

  • As a flexible communication tool it is without equal.
  • With audiences for traditional media continuing to fragment, only outdoor can quickly reach mass audiences.
  • It can be used very effectively to target specific audiences in discreet geographic locations.


Outdoor advertising is not just for big companies. Here are some compelling reasons why outdoor advertising works for everyone.It Strengthens Your BrandAdvertising ‘on the street’ will help build your brand much faster. People associate outdoor advertising with success and professionalism – displaying your brand and logo in the public arena will make people remember it better.It Gives Your Brand PowerWhen reading a magazine or watching video content, you can choose whether to engage with the advertising or just simply turn off or turn the page. Outdoor advertising it is not the same – you can’t just simply close your eyes in order to avoid the ads on the streets.
It Increases FrequencySeeing an advertisement once will not register on anyone’s mind. Seeing it twice a day- or more – will be easily recalled. Targeting people’s primary driving or walking routes (such as Sheikh Zayed Road) will result in repeated frequency and lasting impressions.
It Delivers Bigger AudiencesWith outdoor advertising you can catch virtually everyone’s attention, not just from your target audience. Magazine or print advertisements will only be seen by a specific audience.



Designing the most effective billboard artwork is not a straightforward matter of converting a double page advertisement to fit the space – there are some key guidelines that have to be carefully considered.

The Golden Rule

Seven words or less!

Good vs. Bad Design

Successful outdoor design will catch the eye of drivers and be readable at roadway speeds. Effective design can be degraded by clutter, lack of contrast, small font size and the wrong font style.

Keep It Clean

The best messages are always simple and precise. Apply restraint to the design with a simple image and seven words or less to achieve the best results.

Poor Contrast

Even though individual colors can be bright, a combination of colours can result in low contrast. Too many colors weakens the focus of the message by producing conflicting responses.

Size Does Matter

With less than five seconds to grab a viewer’s attention, it is vital for lettering to be large enough to be read from a distance. Viewers who can’t read your message are unlikely to look again.

Unreadable Fonts

Ornate or elaborate fonts are a frustration as they take too long to read – if they can be read at all!