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FEPE International’s 60th Annual congress was held, for the first time in Dubai, on 1-3 May. Dubai was a natural choice, and was chosen to underline the importance and worldwide stature of the out-of-home industry and FEPE’s role in representing that to governments, legislators, advertisers and agencies of all kinds at a time of major changes in worldwide advertising and marketing.

Senior Management and Sales personnel from BackLite Media attended the Congress, including Mr Muhannad Al Ashram (BackLite Director, pictured below with Mr Tom Goddard, FEPE International President), James Bicknell (Executive Director) and Bill Fordyce (Chief Executive Officer).

Speaking at the conclusion of the Congress, Bill Fordyce commented “FEPE did another great job bringing together the world leaders of the out-of-home industry for a frank discussion on the industry. The industry is moving from strength-to-strength, as great data on our audiences and digitalization allow out-of-home companies like BackLite to better target digital budgets. The industry is moving very quickly, and BackLite is at the forefront of may of these changes.

And, as a sponsor and a host in our home city of Dubai, we were pleased to greet our colleagues and showcase our city and our signs.”

On a final note, during the Congress Tom Goddard, FEPE International’s President, announced that the Association will rebrand itself as the ‘World Out Of Home Organization’. The move reflects the changed nature of the Association from a European-based entity to a genuinely global body. Tom Goddard said ‘It is fitting that this change is announced at our 60th Annual Congress in Dubai, a record-breaking event with over 400 delegates from across the world and held outside our traditional area of Europe’.

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