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Our goal is to drive digital innovation in the UAE. Through the development of architectural and aesthetically superior locations. With a foundation of independent, credible data, our medium is now more accountable than ever. We will strive to deliver dynamic, relevant, and engaging content to enable our clients to stand out.

The Landmark Series is a testament to this, three huge, contemporary, and unique products changing the media landscape on Sheikh Zayed Road. A road used by the vast majority of the City’s residents, business people, and tourists. The Landmark Series provides the only large-format digital Super Premium network on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The Triple Crown, the Dubai Jawhara, and the Dubai Gateway are all unique in build and audience targeting, being located at strategic points along Sheikh Zayed Road.

The Triple Crown (Three Double-Sided Digital Unipoles – Six 16m x 8m LED Displays).

Meet the real Influencer in Dubai. With a total surface area of over 700m2. All 6 screens will be synced to carry one advertiser with a slot length of 24 seconds, delivering an uninterrupted, detailed, and immersive message. It’s time to rethink Digital Out of Home.

The Dubai Gateway (A Double-Sided Digital Gateway – Four 7m x 14m LED Displays)

The last point of influence before Dubai Mall. These huge structures match the skyline around them, forming The Gateway to the Golden Boulevard.

The Dubai Jawhara (A Double-Sided Digital Portrait – Two 8m x 12m LED Displays) 

An elegant structure offering incredible sightlines and visibility. An Iconic Display located on the Golden Boulevard Sheikh Zayed Road, between The World Trade Centre and Dubai Mall.

We have always taken pride in our portfolio, so for the manufacturing of the screens we chose Daktronics based on their experience in the industry, advanced technology and understanding of the importance of high-quality performance. They are recognised worldwide as the undisputed industry-leading designer and manufacturer of LED digital display systems. 

Not only do these new screens look good, but they also offer the latest in insight technology. Powered by BackLite Intelligence, the screens offer real-time feedback with the ability to change creative to reflect specific moments in time maximizing the effectiveness of any campaign. We embrace technology and data-driven insights to target audiences with ever-growing precision. We push the boundaries, exploring and adopting new techniques so our clients can make the most of our sites. BackLite Intelligence also allows us to aggregate data from multiple sources then analyse with custom algorithms, generating insights around traffic flows, audience demographics, buying behaviours, and dwell times. The result? Audience profiles that ensure your messages and ideas are seen by the right people not just passers-by.

James Harrison
Chief Commercial Officer
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