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BackLite Media Partners with Place Exchange
BackLite Media
Marketing Team
Dubai, UAE, Sep 19, 2023: BackLite Media, one of the leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising companies in the United Arab […]
Paula Carola
Marketing Executive
For our #TechTuesday, we interviewed Sean Gadsby, Head of Programmatic here at BackLite about programmatic digital out-of-home (PrDOOH). Sean explains […]
BackLite Media
Marketing Team
In the constantly evolving world of retail, staying ahead of emerging trends is crucial for brands and advertisers to remain […]
Deaa Zararey
Lead Creative
It’s time to think outside the box, and 3D billboards allow advertisers to do just that. The 3D effect is […]
Retail Trends in the UAE: Ali Chab
Ali Chab
Head of Malls and Cinema
We recently interviewed our Head of Malls and Cinema, Ali Chab, about upcoming retail trends in the UAE. Here’s what […]
A demonstration of with Neurons Inc. neuromarketing research in action
BackLite Media
Marketing Team
BackLite has partnered with Neurons Inc., a neuromarketing research company specialising in using neuroscience and behavioural science to understand consumer […]
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