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What is The MediaXchange

Digitisation has made this high reach medium more accessible than ever before. Out of Home advertisements can now be bought online, programmatically, meaning billboard ads can be changed, amended – or switched off – in real-time. Creatives can be replaced automatically to respond to the external environment, maximizing the effectiveness of any ad placement.

The Benefits

The MediaXchange delivers on one of the biggest advantages of the OOH medium, which is the ability to run hugely impactful ads on premium digital sites with relevance and flexibility. Creative can be adjusted at the click of a button in response to anything from sports results, the weather, breaking news and so on.

Speed: By automating our transactional process and making our inventory available online, the speed in  which a campaign can be launched has gone from weeks to days to hours

Agility: Because campaigns are activated through a trading desk it means they can be changed, tweaked, adjusted, modified very quickly

Targeting: A critical piece of the programmatic DOOH puzzle is the ability to more precisely target your audience

Dynamic Scheduling: Programmatic streamlines and simplifies the process for using dynamic creative for OOH

Will my data be protected?

The information collected by BackLite Intelligence is GPDR compliant.
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